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Jacksonville, FL

* this location also services Gainesville, FL & Valdosta, GA


Phone:  904-725-7800
Toll Free:  800-824-5843
Fax:  904-725-5025
Hours:  M-F, 8am-5pm

7037 Commonwealth Ave., #8-B
Jacksonville, FL 32220

Area Manager:
Keith Flowers


On Call 24/7/365!
Our Jacksonville location is on call to service your area - this location also services Gainesville, FL and Valdosta, GA. We service and maintain it all – commercial cooking, refrigeration, holding, sanitation, preparation and warewashing, as well as HVAC systems.  Do you have a small appliance in need of repair?  We have in-shop repair available, on location.

What types of equipment does Whaley service?

 Bar Coolers

 Beverage Coolers

 Biscuit Ovens

 Booster Heater

 Braising Pans

 Braising Pans

 Bread Slicers


 Charcoal & Wood burning Broilers

 Cheese Melters


 Coffee Brewer

 Coffee Grinders

 Coffee Machines

 Coffee Maker

 Combi Ovens

 Combination Ovens

 Convection Oven Ranges

 Convection Ovens

 Convection Steamers

 Conveyer Dishwashers

 Conveyor Broilers

 Conveyor Dishmachines

 Conveyor Ovens

 Conveyor Toasters

 Conveyor Warewashers

 Cook & Hold Cabinets

 Cook & Hold Ovens

 Cook Chill Systems

 Countertop Steamers


 Deck Ovens

 Dish Machines



 Drawer Warmers

 Drop-in Warmers

 Dutch Ovens

 Electric Broilers
 Electric Fryers
 Espresso Machines
 Flight Warewashers
 Food Processors
 Gas Broilers
 Gas Fryers
 Glass Washers
 Heat Lamps
 Heated Reach-ins
 Heavy Duty Ranges
 Holding Cabinets
 Hot Dog Grills
 Hot Dog Rollers
 Hot Dog Steamers
 HVAC Systems
 Ice Machines
 Infrared Broilers
 Meat Grinders
 Milk Coolers
 Oil Filter Systems
 Oil Filtration System
 Open/Countertop Fryers
 Pizza Ovens
 Pot & Pan Warewashers
 Pot washers
 Powered Braziers
 Pressure Fryers
 Pressure Steamers
 Reach-in Coolers
 Reach-in Freezers
 Reach-in Refrigerators

 Rice Cookers
 Roasting Ovens
 Rotisserie Ovens
 Salamander Broilers
 Single Tank Warewashers
 Slush Machines
 Soft Ice Cream Freezers
 Soft Serve Ice Cream Machines
 Steam Cookers
 Steam Kettles
 Tilting Skillets
 Trash Compactors
 Tray Conveyors
 Tray Washers
 Undercounter Freezers
 Undercounter Warewashers
 Ventilation Hoods
 Waffle Bakers
 Waffle Irons
 Walk-in Coolers
 Walk-in Freezers
 Walk-in Refrigerators
 Warmers & Soup Kettles
 Warming Cabinets
 Warming Drawers
 Waste Compactors
 Waste Disposals
 Wine Coolers
 Woodburning Ovens

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