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Purchase NU-VU Parts

NU-VU is a leading supplier of baking ovens, oven proofers, proofers, pizza ovens, smokers, and of the equipment related to these technologies.  Whaley Parts & Suply has all your genuine NU-VU OEM replacement parts ranging from elements, knobs, fuses and switches, to timers, motors, sensors, and everything in between!

NU-VU has been creating the highest quality on site baking equipment for over thirty years, with a multitude of options that will cater to any business’s needs.  Their V-Air Technology eliminates the need for the operator to turn sheet pans or open the oven doors, because the V-Air circulates air perfectly in all directions, resulting in perfectly cooked food.

Whaley Parts & Supply is proud to support NU-VU customers with replacement parts, accessories, and manuals.  Search for NU-VU parts in the search box above.  You can also search here for NU-VU manuals and schematics.

NU-VU Manuals & Schematics

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