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Legion is a leading supplier of kettles, skittle cookers, tilting skillets, and more, and of the equipment related to these technologies.  Whaley Parts & Supply has all your genuine Legion OEM replacement parts ranging from gauges, knobs, thermostats, paddles, valves, and burners, to whisks, ladles, pilots and everything in between!

Legion has been creating deep drawn stainless steel products for over 100 years, and has been innovators in their field throughout the century.  Legion introduced the popular insulated braising pan to America from Europe in 1961, and it quickly became an industry staple.  Today they continue to be on the forefront of kettle cooking with their combi-pan technology as well as their unique skittle cookers.

Whaley Parts & Supply is proud to support Legion customers with replacement parts, accessories, and manuals.  Search for Legion parts in the search box above.  You can also search here for Legion manuals and schematics.

Legion Manuals & Schematics

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