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Imperial is a leading supplier of ranges, convection ovens, deep fryers, pasta cookers, broilers, griddles, hot plates, and of the equipment related to these technologies.  Whaley Parts & Supply has all your genuine Imperial OEM replacement parts ranging from oven racks, thermostats, and exhaust fans to thermopiles, pilots, valves, and everything in between!

Imperial has been a family owned and operated business since 1957, founded in Corona California, and has grown to become a leader worldwide in the industry, because of their consistent focus on high value equipment and constant innovation. Imperial also has warehouses in Texas and New York.

Interested in purchasing one of Imperial's products? Check out their PRICE LIST.

Check out this aerial shot of Imperial's warehouse!

Manufacturing of Imperial equipment begins in the Fabrication Department. Stainless steel sheets are precisely cut using lasers to the exact specification in the computer drawings. Once cut, the stainless is automatically fed into a computerized bending press. Parts are produced by bending and shaping according to the computerized specifications. Metal parts are automatically formed and punched on this machine, which runs 24/7.



CUSTOM CAPABILITIES - From concept to completion, imperial has the custom capabilities to produce the cooking equipment your operation requires. "If you want it...we can create it!" Contact  Imperial for your custom gas or electric customized equipment: or 800-343-7790

Every piece of Imperial's equipment is inspected and all components are tested on the line before it ships.

Check out this demo on Imperial's Cheesemelter Broiler. The Broiler has a double inlet burner system which allows you to use 1/2 of the broiler when volume is low, and both sides in peak hours.

Did you know? Imperial Range has proven its excellence by continually investing in state-of-the-art machinery. It has been showcased in television shows and movies such as Charmed, Cupcake Wars, Halloween Wars, Super Delicious, Taste of Romance, Chef and others.


Imperial Range also has a line of Specialty Products, built for efficient use of a specific task. 

Check out this demo on Imperial Range's Sizzle 'n Chill. If refrigerated spaces are needed under the cook top, they have that too. 

You have a variety of grate options when purchasing an Imperial Range broiler. Check out the choices in Imperial's video

Whaley Parts & Supply is proud to support Imperial customers with replacement parts, accessories, and manuals.  Search for Imperial parts in the search box above.  You can also search here for Imperial manuals and schematics.

Imperial Manuals & Schematics

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