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Henny Penny continues to be a leading supplier of open fryers, pressure fryers, breading stations, holding devices, steamers, combi ovens, and of the equipment related to these technologies.  Whaley Parts & Supply has all your genuine Henny Penny OEM replacement needs ranging from thermostats, baskets, filter pads, and valves, to switches, motors, pumps, everything in between!

Chester Wagner began the tradition over 50 years ago at this Whispering Oaks restaurant, where he just could not keep up with the demand for his fried chicken.  He simply needed to fry more chicken, so he created the first volume fryer!  It wasn’t long before the model 600 spread from central Ohio to the rest of the nation, all the while carrying the Henny Penny name and Chesters commitment to their customers and employees.  Today the company is still family owned and operated but they are doing business in more than one hundred countries around the globe!

Whaley Parts & Supply is proud to support Henny Penny customers with replacement parts, accessories, and manuals.  Search for Henny Penny parts in the search box above.  You can also search here for Henny Penny manuals and schematics.

Henny Penny Manuals & Schematics

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