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In the 1960s, Alto-Shaam founder Jerry Maahs created the first slow cooking oven that was able to not only provide a more flavorful, tender cut of meat but also cooking at a lower temperature reduced shrinkage of the meat, resulting in an increase in product serving size and tastiness as well! Today, Alto-Shaam is a leading supplier of Cook n Hold Halo Heat technology in their combiovens, steamers, and holding cabinets.

Have you seen Alto-Shaam's 4 in 1 Vector Series Multi-Cook Oven?! 

The VectorTM Multi–Cook Oven features exclusive Structured Air Technology – a breakthrough in cooking technology in a category by itself. Imagine the flexibility, variety and space-savings with four ovens in one. Control temperature, fan speed and time in multiple, independent oven chambers all in one small 21” footprint. And you can place it anywhere with a vent-less option.

Alto-Shaam partners with foodservice customers to innovate and develop new products that will provide high-quality food while reducing energy, food shrinkage and labor costs. They focus on giving their customers a higher return on their investment.
Investments in Alto-Shaam manufacturing processes and workforce highlight their commitment to their internal process improvement, their community and the foodservice industry.

Recent facility expansion and continuous investments in new technologies like robotics and automation allow Alto-Shaam to remain cutting edge.

Alto-Shaam equipment is built with an entrepreneurial spirit. Conceived in the 1950s, Jerry Maahs was just looking for a way to deliver hot chicken to customers during Wisconsin's frigid winters when he developed the first Alto-Shaam oven. Since then, Alto-Shaam has continually responded to industry needs to ensure that all foodservice providers have access to high quality cooking equipment. Learn more about where they came from and how they continue to innovate the foodservice industry to better meet their customers' needs:

Alto-Shaam came about as a result of his father’s inventing the Halo Heat system. Working as an operator of one of the first Chicken Delight chain franchise units, Jerry Maahs sought to find a solution to keeping food hot since delivery equipment back then did not keep the product warm, especially in cold Wisconsin winters.

“All that was available was sterno and Styrofoam,” says Steve Maahs. “Let’s say there were a couple of Sterno accidents in the VW used for deliveries.”

Maahs describes how his father experimented with thermal heat cables by wrapping them around insulated containers. He refined the concept, tested it extensively in the restaurants where he was the franchisee owner, and patented the technology. Hence, Halo Heat holding cabinets were born.

In the 90's, Alto-Shaam doubled the size of its Menomonee Falls Factory, as well as expanding to France and Canada. They performed their first cruise line installation and its first installation in Antarctica.

In 2008 Steve Maahs, Jerry Maahs son, was named president and COO and Karen Hansen, Jerry's daughter, became CEO. Alto-Shaam.

Alto-Shaam was named Wisconsin Manufacturer of the Year in 2015!  

Did you know? Alto-Shaam won the "Best in Class" FES Magazine given for Combi, Cook and Hold Ovens in October 2016.

Alto-Shaam has always been based upon providing a superior quality of product. Check out this video on the true culture of Alto-Shaam 

Check out Ardent bragging about their new Alto-Shaam oven. I would say they are pretty thankful! 

The Shed counts on Alto-Shaams' Halo Heat to expand their smoker capacity. Check out their video.

Alto-Shaam owner, Jerry Maahs, passed away in 2006 from aggressive non-Hodgkin lymphoma. They have been fundraising for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society for years. The 8th annual fundraiser was held last August and Alto-Shaam raised $127,500!

The Alto-Shaam Culinary Institute is staffed by talented and experienced culinary experts. They are available to help you cook your food faster and with more consistent results that will produce more than just great food. You will see reduced labor costs, reduced food costs and a positive return on your investment. Their culinary team is also available to help you create your menus and provide suggestions for unique recipes you can prepare in Alto-Shaam ovens. 

ACTS Retirement-Life Community Alto-Shaam's success story. 
The ACTS community-based living facility has been using Alto-Shaam's products since 2000 to provide high quality food for their more than 8,000 residents. The Alto-Shaam Combitherm® ovens and hot wells allow ACTS to provide a large variety of meal options, faster cooking times and longer holding times. Read more.

Space Needle Alto-Shaam success story: With limited prep area, banqueting food had to travel 400 feet by elevator from the kitchen to service. That all changed when an Alto-Shaam CT PRoformance™ Combitherm® oven – the CTP10-20 with an optional vent-less hood – was installed in SkyLine’s kitchen, opening up a door of endless opportunities.

Alto-Shaam continues to create cost effective and time saving ovens that produce the highest quality food, as well as being energy conscious regarding their carbon footprint. Whaley Parts & Supply is proud to support Alto-Shaam customers with replacement parts, accessories, and manuals.

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